Fall Semester- non-local searches are recommended. Links will be sent to students/parents signed up on the Remind app (join codes can be found on the Home section of the Counselor's page)
Spring Semester- local scholarships become available during the 5th 6 weeks. Please check back frequently during this time as scholarships are updated as they become available.
M&M Scholarship - due May 1st
BPA Scholarship - due May 1st
MASBA Scholarship - due May 1st 
Band Booster Band Scholarship - due May 8th
Student Council Scholarship - due May 12th
NHS Scholarship - due May 14th
5AM Coffee Group Scholarship - due May 15th
Warrior Scholarship - due May 19th
GEO Scholarship - due May 27th
4 Recipients of $250.00 each
Essay Topic: If you could go back to the beginning of your Senior year, knowing there would be a pandemic; Other than spending more time with your friends, what would you do differently and why?