A/V Technology students earn Industry Based Certification

We would like to recognize 20 amazing and hard-working Santa Rosa High School Warriors who PASSED their test and earned an Industry Based Certification! These students are now known officially by Adobe as Certified Professionals! 💻🎥
Adobe Certified Professional in Graphic Design using Illustrator:
⭐️ Ethan Tijerina
⭐️ Sandy Esparza
⭐️ Kylee Rodriguez
⭐️ Amber Radaideh
⭐️ Eduardo Rodriguez
⭐️ Josiah Rodriguez
⭐️ Mikolus Sanchez
⭐️ Evan White
⭐️ Judith Ramirez
⭐️ Mia Acosta
⭐️ Aiden Olivarez
⭐️ ⭐️ Arely Hernandez
Adobe Certified Professional in Video using Premiere Pro:
⭐️ Jullia Fuentes
⭐️ Kaiden Zuniga
⭐️ Becky Torres
⭐️ Luis Panal
⭐️ Zachary Chairez
⭐️ Diego Cuevas
⭐️ Gabriel Diaz
⭐️ Eduardo Hinojosa
⭐️ ⭐️ Arely Hernandez
⭐️ ⭐️ Student achieved both certification pathways
These students have been working hard for the past 3 years and put in more than their required 150 hours of Adobe instruction and hands-on to qualify and pass the test. This certification is an accomplishment to be proud of as these tests normally have a passing rate of only 48% nationwide.
These students have the opportunity to immediately apply for a professional job in the area of Graphic Design, Video Editing, or both when they graduate OR becoming an entrepreneur as a Freelancer. They can also receive college credit if they decide to pursue a degree in the field with their certification.
Congratulations A/V Technology students and Mr. Lopez on this great accomplishment!